I Ain’t Done Yet!


Throughout the course of my life I have worn a lot of different hats.

I have been a daughter, a runway model, an actress, a taxi driver, a singer/songwriter, a bartender, a shop owner, an antique picker and a wife.

I’ve lived through 6 decades so far and I am nowhere near ready for this show to be over. I mean, American Apparel is using the beautiful 62-year-old model Jacky O’Shaughnessy these days and Betty White is still kickin’ butt at 92.


When I was young, it never occurred to me that I might want to aspire to do something that would leave me more comfortable in my latter years, so I just did whatever came my way. While this has made for an interesting life, it has made me painfully aware that I am not an expert at anything except living each day to it’s fullest. I think that just may be enough and I have a long bucket list.

But, if I was afforded the luxury of changing just one thing in my past, what would it be?
Would I stay in college and get that music degree? Would I refuse to marry my first husband?


Would I go to church instead of going to rock concerts? Who’s to say?

I truly don’t think I would change much of anything. Mulligans are for sissies.
Whether through my music, or just from being plain ol’ goofy or kind, if – on any given day I have brought a small glimpse of joy to someone who needed it then I have lived a good and full life.


There used to be a great TV sit-com called “Empty Nest.” Richard Mulligan was a doctor and Park Overall was his nurse. One of the best lines she (repeatedly) used was,”I ain’t done yet.” She had to say it to finish many of her sentences to the good doctor, but I have adopted it as my daily mantra.


Live each day as fully as you can. Do the next right thing. Smile A Lot. It confuses people.
Don’t refuse to stop living just because you can’t do the limbo anymore or because times are tough.

I just keep putting one foot in front of the other and I try to always wear a smile, ’cause Baby, I Ain’t Done Yet!


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