Give Thanks


“Thank you” is not heard very often these days. These two words can mean the world to someone.  Are we really so busy we can’t take time to say it? Whether by voice, text, or a note, a small show of gratitude is always appreciated.

I have been an very lucky gal throughout my entire life. No, I am not rich in the monetary sense. I don’t own much – certainly not a car or a house. I have struggled, but I have always managed to survive.  My survival is largely due to wonderful friends and family and a belief that I am a mere speck of paint in this mosaic of Life.
I’m very grateful that I can still sing and am working as a musician in New Orleans.
This is my true home regardless of where I was born and I am more comfortable on stage with my band than anywhere else.
I thank my band, bar patrons, bar owners, staff, and everyone else involved every time we play a gig. I want them to know they’re truly appreciated.

L to R: David Roe: Keyboards, Terri 'Sticky T' Cranford: Drums & Vocals, Leisa K. Farrow: Vocals, PR, Booking, Joseph Crachiola: Guitar, Sax & Vocals, Yvette Watkins, Bass & Vocals.

L to R: David Roe: Keyboards, Terri ‘Sticky T’ Cranford: Drums & Vocals, Leisa K. Farrow: Vocals, PR, & Booking, Joseph Crachiola: Guitar, Sax & Vocals, Yvette Watkins, Bass & Vocals.

Speaking of friends and family, I have a handful of very dear friends. We’ve shared some amazing times together. In fact, I believe they have truly helped mold me into the woman I am today.  Aside from my parents, they are my true family and mean more than anything to me.  The loss of some of them has been painful, but their memories get me through the rough days.


Above and beyond all of them is my Best Friend Carolyn. In forty-one years we have never had a major argument. I love her for not judging me and for being the strong and kind woman that she is. She has a gentle way of showing me my character defects and helping me realize my potential. I love her style, her sense of humor, and her love of unusual things.
Her birthday falls on Thanksgiving this year and I wish I could say thank you to her by giving her a soothing place to relax all to herself.

I am also fortunate to be able to have a little vintage shop online and to make a sale or two now and then. I’ve made many friends on various online retail sites as well as social media sites.
I’ve chosen some of my favorite shops where you can find lovely little ways to say, “Thank You” to your own friends and family. I hope you get some great ideas!

All shops found at

All shops found at


To all of my wonderful patrons from throughout the years, my friends both old and new, and to my family … Thank You for Everything.

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2 Responses to Give Thanks

  1. Carrie – you are one of the kindest people I know. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. xo

  2. “L” you have such grace and beauty! Thank you for reminding us to thank others!

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