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When Fall arrives, we all know it’s time for football. I have fond memories of “the guys” running around out on the yard trying to pass, catch, and tackle – the operative term here being “trying to.” Living with a bunch of Hippies in the 1970s, athleticism and concentration weren’t exactly in great abundance. But laughter and comradery most certainly were.

Back then, as a freshman in college, the most exciting thing about a football game was what to wear to it. We took great pains in trying to outdress the Sorority girls. That’s where the true competiton was.

This competition between the conservative and hippie girls actually started in High School. Perhaps it was a regional thing, but that’s doubtful. Girls will be girls, after all.

This dress is very similar to what I wore to the Homecoming Dance in 1969. Although I was not a member of the Homecoming Court, my friends and I decided to outshine them. A smallish bag and a little sparkle and would have been added. The term “Bling” wasn’t in use yet.


All Vintage – Dress, Bag, Bracelet ::
Vintage Ciner Hoop Earrings :: ebay item # 190924814837

 Whether you are inclined to dress lady like or funky, I recommend wearing a vintage garment and accenting it with modern accessories.


Vintage 50s Knit Dress ::
Bird Cage Necklace :: FrancoisCreations on
Bespoke Leather Pumps ::

Even though the killer shoes above are retro, they are Handmade New to Order by artist Daphne Board in Massachusetts.

Or … Vice-Versa. Either way, you will stand out in a sea of clones and feel great about your personal style.


Wool A-Line Dress ::
Vintage Fox Brooch :: BROESJ /
Black Leather High Heel Boots :: ShopBetsyBoutique /

Disclaimer: There aren’t many sports that I get excited about, so you don’t have to worry that this is going to become a sports themed blog. The exception to that is Football. Specifically New Orleans Saints football. Who Dat!

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4 Responses to FOOTBALL!

  1. I think I like football better now that I see there is a fashion element! Go team!! Thank you Leisa!

    • Oh No, Maggie – Thank YOU for having that amazing purple knit 2-piece dress. I totally love it!
      As to the ‘fashion element,” you really should see how everyone dresses here on Game Day.
      Face Paint, beads, jerseys, accessories, fleur de lis Everywhere! And that’s at the Home Parties. LOL

  2. YYR, Sarah! Once a Who Dat, always a Who Dat!
    Thanks for passin’ by, cher.

  3. Geaux Saints! I’m in Cowboy country and root for them, but when they play the Saints, my heart is in New Orleans!
    Great features — love that leather jacket!
    (stopping by from the Vesties team)

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