I Wonder Where This Road Goes


Mama & Me – Ready to hit the road – 1955.

Cool breezes and the Harvest Moon have me thinking about the Autumn road trips we took when I was a kid.
On many Fridays Mama would pack up some food and drink, road clothes, sweaters and car coats, my blanket, Lady-the-Wonder-Dog’s blanket, and some traveling clothes for us all. Then she would bathe Lady, after which she and I would get cleaned up. When this happened, Lady and I knew that that it was a Road Trip Friday!


L :: Fabulous 50s Wooly Brown Cardigan for Him from marcjoseph on Etsy.
R :: 50s Jantzen Pullover Red Pom Pom Balls from themagnoliacollection on eBay.

Daddy (or Red, as he was called) would come straight home, pull up to the curb outside the house & we’d go barrelling into the car. Well, the dog and I would. Mama (who was known as Peg) seemed a little more calm about the whole thing.
We’d pull out and my parents would start speaking in Secret Parent Tongues. I guess Lady and I weren’t supposed to know this was going to be another great adventure.
After driving for a bit, Red would take a seemingly new route. His standard line was, “I wonder where this road goes.” This was always follwed by a really cheesy grin and a huge Vaudeville wink.


L :: Red Plaid 49-er Jacket from vintagevogue on Etsy.
C :: Thermos – Picnic Set from ElmPlace on Etsy.
R :: 50s Rough Rider Plaid Wool Throw from JustSmashingDarling on Etsy.

Sometimes we’d go overnight – often for a couple of weeks. We drove all over Southern California, to Nevada and Arizona and beyond. We went North to Big Sur, Monterey Peninsula, and Oregon. We went to Tijuana.
One time Daddy took Route 66 for as far as he could before time demanded that we head back home.


L:: 1950s Vintage Hattie Leeds Day Dress / http://www.NeldasVintageClothing.com
R:: Orange Crush Travel Tote / IntrigueU4Ever on Etsy.

Some of my best childhood memories are of these trips. Although I am quite sure they were well-planned, they always seemed like such spontaneous jaunts. That’s what made them so much fun – for my folks, for me, and even for Lady-the-Wonder-Dog.

Join me as I re-visit California and Route 66 in the Fall of 1955. This blog was inspired by the beaded souvenir belt from Chicago where Route 66 actually begins.

Leather & Beads Vintage CHICAGO Souvenir Belt / GoodNPlentyVintage on Etsy

L :: Roy's Motel photo from RetroRoadsidePhoto on Etsy. R :: Santa Monica Pier Ferris Wheel photo from RaceyTay on Etsy.

L :: Roy’s Motel photo from RetroRoadsidePhoto on Etsy.
R :: Santa Monica Pier Ferris Wheel photo from RaceyTay on Etsy.

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8 Responses to I Wonder Where This Road Goes

  1. Wonderful read & loved the photos!

  2. soulrust says:

    Your blog is very engaging! Very well done!!

  3. Marc Joseph says:

    I love this. Your writing makes me feel like I’m in the back seat of the car, off on an adventure into the great unknown. And the your mother in the top photo looks very similar to my grandmother, complete with cigarette.

  4. Heather says:


  5. So cute!! Love the little red travel bag and the pic of you and your mom!

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